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Planning for the future

Synergy Accountancy is a leading firm of Accountants, Statutory Auditors and Tax Advisers in United Kingdom. We specialise in providing an extensive range of services for all businesses and non for profit organisation.

Participate in our event seminar this November to learn our taxation services and how to make smart financial moves.

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Synergy Office

  • Suite 20 Neals Corner
  • 2 Bath Road Hounslow
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  • Devonshire House
  • 1 Mayfair Pl
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Venue Details

Harley Street Accountants run many seminars and events for medical professionals including doctors and dentists each year in the UK. This year too, we have decided to come up with different sets of events exclusively for the medical professionals. The main purpose of these events is to provide such professionals with a basic understanding of tax and accounting matters that plays an important part in their professional and personal finance.

Venue 1 Details

Our venue 1 lies in the street of abcd. Please find the details below.

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Venue 2 Details

Our venue 2 lies in the street of wxyz. Please find the details below.

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Event speakers

This november, we invite the best in accounting to speak on crucial topics.

    Dev Vasudeva

    Partner, Harley Street Accountants

    At present Dev Vasudeva is the Chairman for the iSynergy Investments Group of companies which help client’s manage and grow their business and help develop the strategy to build their wealth. Also via the wealth Management help clients with succession planning and tax. Dev Vasudeva is also the author of the business started guide and guest lecturer on topics of tax and business.

Get Your Ticket Now

We have limited tickets for the event. Please collect yours now. Please find the corresponding details below.

    • VIP Ticket Price: £30.00
    • General Ticket Price: £15.00
    • Couple Ticket Price: £25.00
    • Ticket Inquiry: 20394305

Please make sure you get the ticket for our event. A dummy sample ticket is displayed to the right for your convenience.

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